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AcreRise Aura is a magnificent environment designed to provide you with an awe-inspiring living devoid of stress, pollution, traffic, and noise. Living near nature and away from chaos can be delightful.

Enjoy the magnificent lifestyle with our passionately envisioned 2 and 3-BHK flats, which have been developed with your vivid living requirements in mind. Every element has been thoughtfully arranged to provide you with an unforgettable living experience that will exceed your expectations.

ORERA Registered No: Phase 1 - RP/07/2023/00855 / Phase 2 - RP/07/2023/00965 | rera.odisha.gov.in


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AcreRise Amantran, located near Balianta, Bhubaneswar, offers wonderful living with nature. Select from several gated communities, villas, and high-end apartments that are all within your price range. Don't let this impending new dwelling residential real estate project pass you by.

AMANTRAN - our commitment to building better houses and communities situated in the lap of nature at Balianta, Bhubaneswar - invites you to experience imperial life. Enjoy high-quality workmanship and creative designs, as well as a range of alternatives to suit all budgets.

ORERA Registered No: RP/19/2022/00643 | rera.odisha.gov.in


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We've embarked on a global odyssey, assembling a dream team of consultants and experts to weave magic into Bhubaneswar's skyline. Over a hundred design renditions have graced our canvas, in the process of sculpting a masterpiece that promises an unparalleled experience for our patrons. We are here to bestow upon Bhubaneswar a taste of opulence without pinching the pockets.

ORERA Registered No: RP/19/2024/01115 | rera.odisha.gov.in


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AcreRise Aurelia is a wonderful blend of luxury and urban living in the heart of Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar. Each residential flat is individually designed to be elegant and simple.

Aurelia, located in the center of Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, offers luxury living. Enjoy easy access to a world-class lifestyle and a rich tapestry of experiences, while surrounded by a like-minded community of the city's best citizens. Every moment spent here is a wonderful treat.

ORERA Registered No: RP/19/2021/00420 | rera.odisha.gov.in


A commercial core that will transform the landscape of the city. This new project is poised to become a landmark in the city, with a futuristic vision and a pledge to give top-notch facilities. Stay tuned for additional information.