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Home Loan

To be considered for a home loan, the applicant must have a consistent source of income through a job or self-employment.

Loan Amount

The loan amount is determined by a variety of parameters, including age, income, dependents, qualifications, assets and liabilities, income stability, business earnings, and so on.

There are, however, ways to improve loan eligibility and amount. If a spouse earns, enrolling as a co-applicant increases the chances of receiving a greater loan amount. In contrast, if there are any co-owners, they must also be co-applicant. Yet, repayment ability is the most significant factor in loan approval.


  • Most recent pay slip

  • A photocopy of the applicants' Employer's Form No.16 A (TDS Form).

  • The official certificate from the applicant's employer for any additional allowances not indicated on the applicant's salary slip.

  • A photocopy of the applicant's most recent bank passbook for salary accounts, as well as a summary of the applicant's accounts for the last six months.

  • A photocopy of the applicant's voter identification card, company identification, or passport.

  • Passport-sized photographs of the applicant and, if applicable, co-applicant’s as well.

  • Photocopy of your pan card, phone bill, and electricity bill.


The financing will be approved after the property is chosen and the necessary legal paperwork is submitted. The process may take some time because each document must be validated for the applicant's safety. The bank will release the loan amount after the following has been submitted and verified, as well as the investment of the applicant's contribution. The payment will be made to the builder.

DOCUMENTS Required for Disbursement

  • Loan agreements

  • Disbursement requests

  • Post-dated cheques

*This is simply for guidance; the rules may change by government legislation; these documents and guidelines are not final or binding; and some standards may differ from bank to bank.